Guest Lecture on Advanced Mobile Communication Technologies

The students will be made familiar with the basics of probability theory. Knowledge of the basics of mathematical statistics is not required, but it simplifies the understanding of this seminar.
The seminar will provide a necessary theoretical basis for studying other subjects in stochastics, such as financial mathematics, quantitative finance, stochastic modeling and the theory of jump – type processes. After the completion of this seminar, students will understand the most important types of stochastic processes (Poisson, Markov, Gaussian, Wiener processes and others) and the ability of finding the most appropriate process for modelling in particular situations arising in economics, engineering and other fields.


Dr. Anil Kumar Vuppala is currently working as an Assistant Professor at IIIT, Hyderabad. He has completed his Ph.D. from IIT, Kharagpur in 2012. His area of research is speech processing in wireless environment, speech recognition, speaker recognition. He has published large number of research articles in reputed international / national journals.

Start Time

8:00 am

October 12, 2019

Finish Time

6:00 pm

October 12, 2019