Ashoka Institute of Engineering and Technology has organized a Guest Lecture, on 14th September 2019, on the topic ‘Personality Development’ by Mr. Srinivas Chetty, Personality Development Trainer and a Motivational Speaker. Mr. Srinivas Chetty, is a good motivational speaker, Resource person, Soft Skills, Body Language and Personality Development Trainer. He motivated the students by telling about the importance of Personality development as well as the Soft Skills. He said that students must develop their inner strength. Getting aware of and adjusting to the life is called as Personality Development. Mere gaining of an academic degree does not guarantee a graduate being successful. Along with degree, he/she must possess soft skills which are essential in getting a job and doing that job successfully. The challenges at the workplace require various business skills and Positive Attitude, which are not part of the curriculum in many institutions today.

Guest: Mr. Srinivas Chetty Soft Skills, Body Language and Personality Development Trainer.

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Start Time

10:00 am

September 14, 2019

Finish Time

4:00 pm

September 14, 2019