Seminar on CMOS Technology

This seminar emphasizes on how MOS transistors work, and how they model. This seminar addresses all of the manufacturing issues with technical depth and conceptual clarity, and presents leading-edge process solutions to the new and novel set of problems presented by 10nm and 7 nm FinFET technologies and previews the upcoming manufacturing issues of the 5 nm Nanowire. The speed, computational power, and enhanced functionality of ICs based on this advanced technology promise to transform both our work and leisure environments. The understanding provided in this seminar is essential not only for device modelers, but also for designers of high-performance circuits.


Sai Kumar is currently pursuing Ph.D. in the area medical Image Processing. He has done M.E in Control Systems and B. Tech in Electronics & Communication. His areas of interest are Image Processing and Pattern Recognition. He has published 3 research papers. He is life member of International Association of Engineers (IAE), The Society of Digital Information & Wireless Communications (SDIWC).

Start Time

8:00 am

August 31, 2019

Finish Time

6:00 pm

August 31, 2019