Webinar on ‘Digital to Analog Converters’

In electronics, a digital-to-analog converter (DAC, D/A, D2A, or D-to-A) is a system that converts a digital signal into an analog signal. There are several DAC architectures; the suitability of a DAC for a particular application is determined by figures of merit including: resolution, maximum sampling frequency and others. DACs are commonly used in music players to convert digital data streams into analog audio signals. They are also used in televisions and mobile phones to convert digital video data into analog video signals which connect to the screen drivers to display monochrome or color images. Due to the complexity and the need for precisely matched components, all but the most specialized DACs are implemented as integrated circuits (ICs). This webinar will cover different types of DACs used in the IC industry and their Applications in daily life.


Dr. Shubham Tayal

Associate Professor, Department of ECE

Ashoka Institute of Engineering & Technology, Hyderabad

Start Time

11:00 am

April 9, 2020

Finish Time

7:00 pm

April 9, 2020

Event Participants