Webinar on “Emerging Trends and opportunities in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science”


Artificial Intelligence and data science is a wide field of applications systems, which aim at replicating human intelligence through machines. Artificial Intelligence represents an action-planned feedback of perception. Data Science uses different parts of this pattern or loop to solve specific problems. For instance, in the first step, i.e. Perception, data scientists try to identify patterns with the help of the data. Artificial Intelligence and data science these days is growing trend in all areas of Engineering Science. AI helps Computer system mimic Human Intelligence, but AI now has many tasks such as Image Recognition, speech recognition, Decision Making and translation with human intervention in an efficient ways.AI is everywhere these days but we are not aware of its role played in every branch of Engineering. Where as Data Science is a detailed process which involves preprocessing, Analysis, visualization and prediction .AI implements a model to forecast future event and trends. So, AI is the tool that helps data science to get results and the solutions for specific problems.

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Dr. Mujthaba Gulam Muqeeth
Faculty and Researcher,
Department of computer science& Engineering,
Prince Sattam Bin Abdul-Aziz University,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Start Time

11:00 am

August 10, 2020

Finish Time

6:00 pm

August 10, 2020

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