Flipped Learning/Classroom

This is one of the most interesting and exciting ways of Learning. The Students at ASHOKA have made the most of this innovative model of Learning. As the name suggests it is an Inversion of the Traditional process of “Class Room Based” Learning.

To explain the Concept of Flipped Learning in brief

A Flipped classroom is an instructional strategy that reverses the traditional learning environment by delivering the instructional content, outside of the classroom.

The process shifts activities including those that may have traditionally been considered homework, into the classroom. In a flipped classroom, students are made to collaborate and partner in Learning by means of watching Online Content, Video’s and Discussing Cases as well as Problem Statements.

The Topical research is carried out a place outside the Class Room Environment while the mentor/facilitator guides the students about the Content in the Class Room.

This mode of Learning by purpose shifts instruction to a learner-centered model in which time in the classroom is used to explore topics in greater depth, while the students are provided with the Textual content beforehand so that they can come to the Classroom in a prepared mode for Conceptual Discussions.

As is the case with a flipped classroom, ‘content delivery’ may take a variety of forms so at ASHOKA, often video lessons prepared by the teacher / guest faculty / experts are used to deliver content along with online collaborative discussions, digital research, and text readings may be used.

Given the saying “Experiencing is Believing” we at ASHOKA invite Students as well as Educators to come and see for themselves the New Age Learning Models and Tools being used to impart World Class Pedagogic Delivery to the Students as well as the community of Researchers.