Since the inception of ASHOKA our aim is to provide a scholastically exhilarating environment consenting our students to feel more responsible towards their society. It is pleasing to note that our intensive efforts under the auspices of Ashok Sailaja Educational Society have fructified and ASHOKA today enjoys the distinction in the fields of engineering, and above all social welfare. Our beliefs have influenced the way of teaching and make the students participate in philanthropy and social welfare. I have realized that there can’t be a nobler act than to lead an educational institute like ASHOKA.

I strongly believe that education ought to be “good” or “moral” and for this reason it is important to groom the students morally for the real life of the corporate world and imbibe in them not only academic brilliance but also professional ethics.

Over years, we have been aiming at the welfare of the society and embracing the excellence in education. Education is a very important contributing element to both the benevolence and economic development of the society.

“I reiterate my promise to make the students human beings first and then professionals.”

Nomula Ashok Kumar

Founder and Chairman