How is Electric vehicle market shaping the future for electric engineers final

The projected growth of the electric vehicle market is estimated to grow up to CAGR of 32.57%, reaching 10.79 million units by 2025. The current count is 1.50 million till the year 2018. The Indian government is also supporting this industry with subsidies, tax rebates, and grants for this industry. Apart from this, the improving infrastructure and increasing vehicle range result in the sales growth of electric vehicles globally.

Electronics engineering degree programme is designed to prepare students for careers as professional electronic engineers, with the focus on analysis, innovation and development within a broad range of industries from both the user’s and producer’s perspective. The electronics engineer will equip an aspirant with the necessary technical skills in aspects of electronics, their control, basics of electrical, microprocessors, embedded and VLSI designs etc in order to be successful in the present corporate world as well as research & developments. The course of engineering in electronics will produce a new breed of technocrats in electronics engineering

Electrical engineers are also responsible for inventing new products, preparing reports on their performance, as well as managing their maintenance. Testing machinery and equipment, solving issues related to their performance, and measuring time and cost of the products is also their responsibility as electrical engineers.

Career paths for  Electronics Engineer include electronic product design, radio frequency design and mobile communications, signal processing, control and power electronics, electronic control systems, consumer electronics, telecommunications, military and aeronautical electronics etc.

This also allows problem-solving capabilities at a personality level apart from the professional level. 

One cannot ignore the fact that a few years back, there was a sudden dip reported in the jobs for ECE engineers. Nevertheless, now the situation has altered to a great extent. In fact, according to a collective survey by ASSOCHAM and NEC Corp, the electronics market of India is predicted to reach $400 billion by the year 2020 at a 41% CAGR rate.

As far as remuneration in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering is concerned, it is important to note that there is no uniformity in this. It profusely depends on the designation of the individual and their skills. Despite saying this, there is no qualm that Electronics and Communication Engineering is a promising growth-driven stream, and adequate knowledge in the field, when amalgamated with specific skill set, qualifies the individual for a wide range of entry-level openings

Therefore, favorable employment opportunities are anticipated for electronic engineers, especially in the service industries.

VLSI Design

VLSI or Very Large Scale Integration is a process by which an integrated circuit is formulated by integrating millions of transistors into an individual chip. VLSI design has gained much popularity in the past few years and has become the most talked about the field of electronics. It has been found in applications of a diverse range of electrical equipment like satellites, defense aerospace, computers peripherals, set-top entertainment boxes, cell phones, consumer electronics, and several other devices. 

At Ashoka Institutions, we offer the best faculty and training for our students in B. Tech Electronics and Communication engineering. Apart from this, we also offer a specialized course in VLSI Design to further the scope of opportunities for students interested in making a career as an electrical engineer.

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