Is an MBA after Engineering a good option?

No matter how far we reach but some things never change like the fascination of Indians for pursuing Engineering. In India, the fascination for Engineering is such that students even before deciding their career choice simply think of engineering. And after completing their engineering they look out for what they actually want from their life. The next trend that goes on with the Indian student is pursuing an MBA after their Engineering. But let’s analyze whether taking up MBA after engineering is worthy or not?

Generally, engineering students seem to be a perfect fit for the courses, training, and aptitude required for an MBA. But the other reasons that contribute towards engineers opting for MBA are-

The tendency to Follow Fads:

In India, opting for any course is never a well-thought decision but is always an influential decision. You might have come across the statement like, “as my friend is enrolled into a particular course so even I am opting for the same.” Besides this, most of the students are still not aware of the various career opportunities which exist today. Right from the school, they might have heard just about engineering and medical rather than finance or taxation.

Standard of Education Imparted:

Now-a-days you can find an engineering college in every corner of any city in India. The quality of education has gone for a toss and is one of the major reasons why students tend to lose interest before the completion of their degrees.

Earning More is the Key:

People with an MBA degree are generally paid more in comparison to others.. To get a better salary than their counterparts students jump into pursuing an MBA.  An engineer with an MBA degree makes it to the league of highest paid employees in today’s time.

Lack of Jobs after Engineering:

India definitely produces more engineers than other countries around the globe. But due to the lack of job opportunities for these engineering graduates, most of them prefer to go for higher education like MBA instead of seeking for less attractive options..

So far we have highlighted the reasons as to why students tend to go for MBA after engineering, now let’s  put some light on as to why opting an MBA after engineering is a good option. Following are the few reasons how an MBA can be tremendously beneficial for you-

Pave your way towards Managerial Role:

With an MBA degree in hand, you will be able to utilize the knowledge acquired across various industries. This will help you for an easy transition to a managerial role and also the course curriculum of MBA is more diverse in terms of decision making and analytical abilities thus carving the aspirant into a decision maker instead of a decision follower.

Increases your Industry Value:

The technical knowledge combined with the managerial skills, increases the overall market value of the aspirant. Generally, companies would like to appoint someone who has additional skills like managing different resources for a more challenging role rather than going for simple graduates. For a flourishing industry having a managerial skill in addition to the technical know-how will drastically reduce the overall cost of the various sectors of industry.

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