The concept of libraries has reformed human imaginative thinking and mankind has perceived an oceaning change in the standard of living as books preserve archival materials and historical records for the coming age. We are a part of an information age and libraries ought to be placed in a dynamic information milieu to offer the in-depth knowledge to their users. The library is the resource gateway through which individuals disseminate and share information, needs to redefine and re-emphasize what is essential to its professional practice in the digital age.

ASHOKA consists of a central library and also has several departmental libraries. Centralized on user services, the library offers a perfect ambience ideal for learning. This system enables the library & connects the users with Digital, Virtual Reference & Referral Services, Mobile Services, Digital Resources, Internet communications, Reprography Services, Book Bank Service & Inter Library Loan.

ASHOKA library is a big respiratory of knowledge in terms of not only books but also the latest digital enabled facilities including e-journals, audio-visual materials, CD’s, projects, case studies, journals etc.

Library Offers:

  • More than 30000 text & reference books.
  • 3000 CDs & DVDs.
  • Library subscribes to 231 national & international print journals, magazines and IESTC & IMC Collection of e-journals Packages of CENAGE learning.
  • Multimedia & internet access to view documentaries & learning aids.
  • Book Bank facility for the students.
  • It is member of DELNET (Developing library network) to share its resources and to access various database.
  • Library is open till late in the evening during Exam, for the benefits of the students.

Existing Services and Section:

Book Bank:

The college runs a Book Bank intended to assist students, from the economically weaker sections of society, by giving text books on loan to deserving students for a whole academic semester according to the rules framed for the purpose.

Reference Section:

Additional Reading Section

Journals/Periodicals Section:

Journals being the primary source of information are essential to supplement the research activities and are required regularly. A number of Journals are being subscribed to facilitate the ongoing research activities to expand the areas of future research activities.

Access to Online Resources:

Current National International Periodicals

CD-ROM Access to Engineering Science Data Base

Automation of Library Services:

To keep pace with ongoing technological changes it is essential that the library records are computerized and the future information is obtained in digital format for making it accessible to the faculty students at their work places which will not only save time but make the simultaneous access of information at the same time which is otherwise not possible in print formats.

To make the library services automated the following work are carried out:

  • Data Entry of Existing Collection/Records.
  • Data Entry of New Arrivals.
  • Bar Coding of Existing Record/Collection.
  • Bar Coding of Membership Cards and Incoming Records/Documents.
  • Procurement of Hardware Software.
  • Electronic Security-surveillance System is in process.
  • Text Book Section for Teachers.
  • Text Book Section for Students with Reading Room