The do’s and don’ts for bootstrapping your startup Company

A startup or start up is an organization or company started by individual founders or business entrepreneurs to look for a repeatable and adaptable plan of action. Founders structure new companies to successfully create and approve a versatile plan of action. Thus, the ideas of new businesses and enterprise are comparative. Notwithstanding, entrepreneurship alludes every new business, including independent work and organizations that never plan to become huge or turned out to be enrolled, while new businesses allude to new organizations that mean to develop past the performance author, have representatives, and expect to develop large. Start ups face high vulnerability and do have high rates of disappointment; however the minority that proceeds to be effective organizations can possibly turn out to be enormous and powerful. A few new companies or startups become unicorns, for example privately held new businesses companies esteemed at over $1 billion.

A startup is a company which is designed to grow fast. Just because a company is founded newly that does not make that company a startup. Taking venture funding and working on technology also does not make a company startup. The only thing that makes a company a startup is its constant growth. Now let us know what does bootstrapping your startup means. Bootstrapping simply means growing business with little or no venture capital or outside investment. For expansion, these startups just rely on their own savings and revenue.

If you are looking forward to starting your own startup, it’s important to understand that is not a rosy walk but can be considered as a moonwalk. The only thing that you should focus on is growth which is hard to get. But the good thing is that once you get growth everything else will fall in place automatically. The following are some of the Do’s and Don’ts of bootstrapping your startup. 


  • If you are already into a full time or part-time job, continue it at least until your venture generates enough traction and revenue that you can leave you job and entirely focus on running and growing the company. A freelancing indeed can help you a lot and do the needful in case you don’t have a particular source or stream of income. 
  • As you are new and want to penetrate in the market then you need to give a huge discount on pre-selling your product. Once you are able to create interest in your products in the minds of the customers, they would not mind paying for it in advance.  In case you find there is just a little audience for your product, you can rethink regarding investing a significant amount on that product. 
  • When you start building the core version of your product you can surely excel your competitors and focus on the need to have features instead of the good to have features. This is what can exclusively differentiate you from your competitors.
  • You need to meet and interview as many as your potential product users as you can to actually understand and validate your product in the market.
  • Blogging is important if possible blog months before you actually launch your product. This would not just share valuable insights about your space and product but help you build credibility faster, create traction sooner and also help in building a network of potential users.


  • Simply don’t bother in seeking funding with your idea but that can also be used as an opportunity to market your product and get traction in this highly competitive funding pool market.
  • The product should not just solve your problem but should be capable to solve the problems of who are going to pay for it. 
  • Never underestimate your power to build something big even if you don’t have experience in that field.
  • Expecting results soon is one thing you should never do, overnight success is a myth.
  • Maximize your funding resources instead of just relying on venture backing like availing loan can also help.

Basically, these are a few points that you should take care while bootstrapping your startup. The inception of new ideas are possible when there is the right environment around you and also if you get the right motivation for it. Ashoka Institute of Engineering and Technology is one such institution that gives its students the right environment and the necessary academics to nurture their knowledge. The choice of a correct knowledge institution is a must to shape your career in the right direction.

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