With a Vision to nurture the future leaders we offer a world class education to our ASHOKA students and with a mission to pursue excellence in all aspects of life we believe in a cognitive development of the young aspirants. Ashoka Institute of Engineering & Technology (ASHOKA) has from its inception, made more than its share of contribution to the state and nation. The principal objective of the ASHOKA, one of the top engineering colleges in Hyderabad, is to update and modernize the quality of professional education, strengthening the bond between the academia and the corporate world. At ASHOKA we conduct path-breaking and innovative research in many spheres of cutting edge latest technological avenues, facilitated by various Centres of Excellence.

The lush green state-of-art campus drawing the brightest young minds and powered by world class Infrastructure, ASHOKA creates an environment that is competitively intense and harnesses a subtle and enchanting ecosystem for learning & development. The exposure provided at ASHOKA imbibes not just the technological superiority, but also overall understanding of the world; suitably shaping global careers for our students in the complex and dynamic VUCA world.

I am taking this opportunity to invite you for the recruitment of 2021 passing out batch. Do come to our Campus and test-out our raw young talents with a wide range of specializations at all levels.

For details please visit @website address. Feel free to contact the undersigned at sohini.roy@ashooka.ac.in/8240186914 for clarifications.

Looking forward to seeing you on ASHOKA Campus.

Mrs. Sohini Roy.

Director – Training and Placement

Ashoka Institute of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad.