Women Protection Cell, AIET

Ashoka’s Women’s Protection Cell has been in existence since 2008. With the enactment of the Institute’s policy on sexual harassment. In recognition of the Institute’s belief that its employees and students have a right to be treated with dignity and respect, the Cell works proactively towards developing a safe and secure environment for employees, and to ensure that all students may gain their education without fear of prejudice, gender bias, hostility or sexual harassment. The Women Protection Cell inquires into complaints of sexual harassment through its Internal Complaints Committee . It strive to work towards an egalitarian environment where men and women are afforded equitable treatment and equality of opportunity conducive to their professional growth.


  • To promote a culture of respect and equality for women.
  • To organize various types of programs for women to be financially, mentally and emotionally empowered so as to promote their growth as individuals in their own right.
  • To create a sense of responsibility in the students and have healthy study and work culture in the College.
  • To create awareness amongst students about the issues related to the youth, girls in particular.